About Me

Hi, I’m Tina 👋

I’m a marketing professional with a passion for helping startups achieve sustainable growth. I’ve worked with companies in various sectors, including technology, retail, SaaS and finance.

I specialise in developing marketing strategies tailored to each client’s needs, utilising a data-driven approach to deliver measurable results. Whether it’s developing a content marketing campaign, launching a paid advertising program, or optimising a website for maximum conversions, I’m here to help.

Here are just a few of my recent achievements:


    • Helped an eCommerce startup increase website traffic by 147% through paid advertising campaigns

    • Developed a comprehensive SEO strategy for a SaaS company, resulting in a 50% increase in organic search traffic

    • Led a successful rebranding effort for a B2B software company, resulting in a 30% increase in leads generated through the website

    • Mentored several early-stage startups, providing guidance on conversion optimisation, branding and messaging

Prior to becoming a marketing professional, I earned a first-class BSc in Business and Management from King’s College London, followed by a Distinction MSc in Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management from Imperial College London. Through these rigorous academic programs, I gained the necessary skills and expertise to understand the intricacies of building and growing successful companies.

My academic background allows me to approach marketing challenges with a holistic perspective, considering not just the marketing aspects but also the broader business and entrepreneurship implications.

In my free time, I enjoy staying active by hitting the gym and exploring new destinations around the world. When I’m not travelling or working out, you can usually find me with my nose buried in a book.

If you’re looking for a marketing professional who can help your startup achieve sustainable growth, I’d love to chat!



We Scale Startups

Growth Marketing Agency

Also, I’m excited to share that I’m currently the Chief of Staff at We Scale Startups, a marketing agency that helps startups grow and scale sustainably. At We Scale Startups, we work with founders to develop systems, infrastructure, and processes to drive repeatable, scalable, and predictable growth.

Our team has helped numerous startups achieve impressive results and scale their businesses. If you’re interested in seeing what we can do for your startup, please check out our website to learn more about our full range of services and some of our notable achievements. Check out We Scale Startups below!